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10 Worst Atari 2600 Arcade Game Ports

posted Nov 11, 2009, 7:52 AM by Troy Cheek

YouTube Video

The '80s was the decade of the arcade. And the early part of the decade was dominated by the Atari 2600. But even when these two juggernauts were at their heights of popularity, they were not two great tastes that tasted great together. Part of it was that the abilities of the two platforms were just too different. And there were some exceptions. Space Invaders worked fine, probably because the original was so basic. Asteroids looked crappy, and flickered like mad, but if you thought of it as its own game sort of based on the original, it was still fun. Same for Phoenix, Missile Command, Battlezone, Night Driver, and a few others. But coin-ops in general didn't fare well in their translation to 8-bit. Some worse than others... by which we mean these:

10) Amidar
9) Gorf
8) Breakout!
7) Defender
6) Pooyan
5) Tutankham
4) Congo Bongo
3) Donkey Kong
2) Burgertime
1) Pac-Man

Here's a bit about Donkey Kong (my favorite on this list):

Continuing the ruined-monkey does the port of this legendary game bug? Let us count the ways. Or at least count the levels--it won't take long. One, two. There, we're done. That's it. Two levels, and you're out. But even two good levels of Donkey Kong is better than nothing, right? Not when barrels look more like chocolate chip cookies, the fireballs look like giant yellow sperm, and Kong himself looks like a baked and hatless Pillsbury Dough Boy. Remember up above when I said that there's bad, and there's worse? Well, there's one more level to that; there's bad, there's worse, and there's Donkey Kong.

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