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Abitari - Atari 1024STf with modern internals

posted Oct 29, 2009, 3:54 AM by Troy Cheek
Cleaning up your attic can provide various results, e.g. an old Atari 1024STf. I got this one to run Cubase in the old days (ofcourse) but with my Macbook Pro nowadays, nostalgia has its limits…

I also had a PS2 Compaq keyboard lying around and an Abit iL90 mainboard which I got as a replacement for a non-delivarable mini-its board I actually wanted. Long story short; I didn’t really use the stuff.

Instead of entering the tedious part of selling it on ebay I decided to put things together. It’s not a super fast computer, but It has some nice similarities with the original specs.


This ‘Abitari’ has:

  • 1024MB RAM (Instead of 1024KB)
  • 1.6GHz Pentium Mobile (Instead of 1.6MHz Motorola)
  • I did got rid of the floppy drive in order to install a 8GB Lightscribe Slot-in DVD drive. Just pop in those discs on the right side of the computer, just as in the old days!
  • It was tempting to remap the original keyboard to PC layout, but the Atari keyboard was not functioning 100% anymore and the Atari layout misses quite some keys to accommodate normal PC usage. I took the old Compaq 101-PC keyboard and put it in place of the old keys.
  • Furthermore there’s an M-AUDIO MIDISport 2×2 MIDI port to be plugged in the USB port to replace the standard MIDI Atari connectors.
More details at the UltraGore Abit Atari 1024STf page.