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Atari Jaguar Injection Mold on eBay

posted Mar 10, 2010, 10:25 AM by Troy Cheek   [ updated Mar 10, 2010, 10:30 AM ]
Found on eBay...


A rare opportunity has come about. The complete Atari Jaguar Injection Mold Tooling package for all parts and components to build the Jaguar game system, is up for sale. This tooling package is complete and contains all the molds that make up the base housing, the game cartridge, all the buttons and light pipes and also the optional CD player assembly. The complete mold set when first built by Atari was extreme with costs hitting over $250,000.00 to design and build it. The Jaguar tooling received the best of everything, top grade materials such as P7 Steel for the mold bases and a US based Injection molding group to handle and direct the project.

In the early eighties, the Jaguar was noted for having the most attractive and advanced looking video game package in its day and the competitors had nothing like it. Its life though, as a game product was destined, then being discovered as not in use, it later came back to life as a new package for an intraoral dental camera system called the HotRod from Imagin Systems Corp.

The condition of these molds are all in good working order. They have been stored in an injection mold plant for their life time and now currently at Imagin's facility in northern California. If you have any questions regarding these molds and what the exact content of the package is or would like to organize an inspection of these pieces please contact me via e-mail at the following address. Shipping is also available world wide, however the purchasing party would need to organize and make the necessary arrangements in which any costs would be the responsibility of the purchasing party.

Thanks to gamesniped.