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Atari Lamp 3.0

posted Apr 28, 2010, 11:06 AM by Troy Cheek   [ updated Apr 28, 2010, 11:10 AM ]

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Monkey Labs has been bustling with work for approximately the past three to five weeks. Finally, after a lot of work and a ton of experimentation, I am proud to announce: ATARI LAMP V3.0!

Atari Lamp 3.0 features a custom, handmade lamp shade with box scans from AtariAge. A dead Atari 2600 6-switch is used as the base in this model. This model features an in-line "hidden" light switch in the back of the Atari for easy switching on and off and a nice stack of cartridges up the middle with an improved pipe core to keep the stack complete. The wiring for the lamp itself runs out the RF hole from the Atari so it looks just like an actual Atari would.

This took at least three weeks of constant work on my part to get done. This model is Monkey Labs Production Model #1 and its owner is none other than Albert, who was my test marketing group! Al says this lamp will be a part of the AtariAge booth at CGE and I am very, very proud to have it displayed there.

This was an incredibly labor-intensive project and took a lot of experimentation and getting 90% done, only to tear it completely apart and start over. The lampshade alone is a very daunting task and requires intense concentration and complete silence to get done properly. In wiring the lamp up, I tried to light my house on fire no more than 5 times while experimenting.

If I may say so: