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Games for Atari Trackball

posted Nov 5, 2009, 5:17 AM by Troy Cheek
More stuff from the Atari Age forums:

Till I came onto these forums I didn't even know that there were Trackballs for the Atari 2600.

Other than the Hack Missile Command TB are there any games that use the Trackball?


I don't think the trackball was officially made for the 2600, it's an accessory for Atari's computer line. It's like the Atari lightgun, was made for the XE computer, but has games for the 7800 and 2600, but no one took advantage of the trackball for the 2600

atari advertised millipede and crystal castles as supporting their new trackball in trackball mode... and it was a 2600 item, i bought one from the atari store from their magazine back in the day, expecting to be able to use it in trackball mode in millipede and cc, which I had also bought from them. i've always wondered wtf happened there. there's gotta be a proto rom somewhere...

Games for Atari Trackball thread.