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Hatari 1.5.0 emulator released

posted Jul 20, 2011, 10:17 AM by Troy Cheek   [ updated Jul 20, 2011, 10:21 AM ]
Hatari release 1.5.0 has just been released.

You can get it from or directly in

Sources and windows binaries are available (an OS X binary should be available soon too)

Small changelog :
  • On STE, correctly shift display 8 pixels to the left when using 224 bytes overscan (e.g. recent demos by DHS)
  •  Add support for spec512 mode in med res (fixes \'Best Part Of The Creation\' in \'Punish Your Machine\', \'HighRes Mode\' demo by Paradox)
  • Precisely emulate the number of frames per sec (eg 50.053 fps in PAL instead of the usual 50 Hz), required for correct video/audio sync under STE (e.g. More Or Less Zero by DHS)
  • Sound improvements for STE, major rewrite of the DMA audio, precision should be really close to a real STE (e.g. HexTracker by Paulo Simoes)
  • Improved precision in sound emulation, with nearly no rounding errors over successive VBL during many hours.
  • By default mix 3 YM voices using a lookup table of values measured on real STF to improve digisound (e.g. Flashback demo by TCB)
  • Alternative CPU core based on WinUAE for more accurate Falcon emulation, including 68030 timings, MMU, ...
  • Improvements in DSP emulation.
  • Various changes in the SDL GUI
  • Many more functions in the built in debugger
  • Atari program given as argument to Hatari will be automatically started after TOS boots
  • Many more small fixes related to video, audio, ikbd, ...
See release-notes.txt for the full changelog.

Thanks to all the people who worked on this version by submitting code, ideas and bug reports !