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Joystick-Synth based on the Atari Punk Console

posted Nov 13, 2009, 5:06 AM by Troy Cheek
First of all, what's an Atari Punk Console? Well in a nutshell it's a simple noise making circuit with two knobs, one for the frequency of square wave pulses and one for the length of the pulses. When you turn the knobs it makes rad video game-like noises, which is how it got it's name, coined by Kaustic Machines . It was originally published in a Radio Shack Engineers Notebook booklet written by Forrest M. Mims III and was called a "Stepped Tone Generator." Since then it has become an extremely popular circuit for hobbyists. Many people add cool features or build them into cool things .

So what makes ours unique? Joystick control!

Classic joysticks have two pots inside (variable resistors,) one for up and down, one for left and right. I made these control the APC circuit. Not only does this joystick have trim controls so you can tune the note you hear in the center, but the added switches change the range in tuned musical steps. This is an APC ready to play along with a band!

If this has been done before, I haven't found any with such capabilities. But in an effort to be open source I would like to guide you though what it took to build it, that you may possibly expand upon it and break further ground, and the whole human race can noisily benefit.

Behold: The Joey-Stick® by Wozn of Rooftop Ridicule

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