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New King of the Castle? (Atari Warlords)

posted Nov 27, 2009, 7:17 AM by Troy Cheek
I recently discovered Jeff Rothe and his Rotheblog. This guy spends entirely too much time tracking down and restoring old arcade games. Most recently, he's come up with an Atari Warlords upright, which he talks about in his New King of the Castle? Warlords has arrived entry.

This Warlords had quite the little back-story. Rich S. said that he bid and won the Warlords on eBay, only, it was out east. So he planned his whole vacation where he could swing back through and pick it up. They went to the east coast, MA, NY and came back to Pittsburg PA at 2:30 on a Friday to get it and the arcade shop was closed. A retail store of some sorts. So, did he stay over? No! He drove all the way back out to Pittsburgh to get it three weeks later. Wow. And he was willing to trade it to me. Make me that much more appreciative. At nearly 320lbs, I’m not looking forward to putting this in the basement.

Lots of interesting reading, so I suggest you head over there immediately.