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Open Source Steem

posted Aug 12, 2011, 6:16 AM by Troy Cheek   [ updated Aug 12, 2011, 6:18 AM ]

Steem is now an open source project, hosted here at Google Code:

We also now have a dedicated discussion forum where you can talk about ideas for further development, ports, forks, etc.

Steem dev forum at Atari Forum

There are further discussions here:

Steem forum at Atari Forum

If you would like to be a committer to the project, send us your gmail address and we will add you.

About Steem:

Steem is an open source Atari STE emulator for Windows and Linux. It runs almost every ST program ever made without any problems. Steem is designed to be easy to use and has many unique features. Whether you want to run great old games, use MIDI apps just like you did on the ST or you have some other, more sinister motive, Steem is the emulator for you!

To learn how to get Steem up and running read the beginners' guide.

If you're interested in the on-going development, you can access the source code and the project forum to see what's going on. Steem was originally developed by Anthony and Russ Hayward.