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Pong & Computer Space Box Set Pre-Order

posted Nov 29, 2013, 8:31 AM by Troy Cheek   [ updated Nov 29, 2013, 8:32 AM ]
CollectorVision has announced they are accepting pre-orders for their upcoming release of a Pong and Computer Space Box Set. The box set include copies of Pong and Computer Space, each in their own box, including extras such as a history booklet, a postcard containing codes to download the ROM images for both games, and a serialized holographic sticker on the box. This release will be limited to 150 copies and has been authorized by Atari Interactive. Order by December 7th to receive a special price of $110. After that, the price increases to $150.

Computer Space is where it all began. Nolan Bushnell teamed up with with Ted Dabney in the beginning of the seventies to design one of the first arcade videogames. Unfortunately, the game was far from being a success but it helped them form Atari and thus kick-started the whole videogame industry. Bushnell hired a new engineer, Allan Alcorn, to develop Pong, which went on to become the first commercially successful video game. Atari then produced a home Pong unit which also did very well, leading to many sequels and imitators. Atari would later turn their efforts to another unit, the Atari VCS (later renamed the 2600), which was a huge success for Atari.

With this Pong & Computer Space Box Set, CollectorVision's aim was to pay tribute to the fathers of the videogame industry. You can learn more about this box set and how to pre-order your copy over in our CollectorVision Forum.