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Sillyventure 2010 invitation

posted Oct 21, 2010, 8:24 AM by Troy Cheek   [ updated Oct 21, 2010, 8:25 AM ]
Grey of Mystic Bytes writes:

Dear atari sceners splitted all over the globe (and beyond)!
Even if some people might think, that organizing Atari-only parties in 21st century is a real "Silly Venture" we say, who cares about labels; let's meet once again and prove them how "Silly" we are! :)

But this time - much HARDER & LOUDER!

After 2 editions of SV and reached x-perience, I have the pleasure of inviting you once again to the 3rd edition of the party which will be held in Winter 2010, from 10th to 12th day of December (it's possible to come one day earlier, though).

The party is dedicated to all Atari platforms -

Beginning on A2600, through XL/XE, ST/STe, TT and Falcon 030/CT060 series, ending on the Jaguar and Atari clones.

Do You still feel the Atari heartbeat... ?

Would like to share your passion with others... ?

SV2k10 - 100% atari spirit but this time in 2010 !

So come along to Silly Venture - Let's keep the Atari flag flying in 2010 !

signing off,

Grey / Mystic Bytes

SV2k10 invitro for Atari ST/STe will be released this month !

 »  Download SV2k10 invitation txt
 »  Download SV2k10 invitro for Atari XL/XE
 »  Visit the Sillyventure site
 »  Invite intro at Pouet.Net