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ST-DEXL V.0.0.9 (PI1 editor) release

posted Oct 27, 2009, 6:40 AM by Troy Cheek
The 0.0.9 version of Degas Elite XL is online on AtariTools website. This version has several improvements at the speed level for graphics. The BLOC function is operational with primary features. Application can now load/save palettes from *.PAL and *.PI1 files.

This program is under development, (just at the beginning) but at this time you can do :
  • 100 screens to edit (from 0 to 99)
  • Load & Save PI1 (all PI1 formats 32034 and 32066 in reading and 32066 in writting).
  • Playing with color palettes (moving with options, chosing, ..)
  • 512 color palette screen fully operational.
  • Plot, draw, line, boxes, circles & ellipses, K-Ray, Fill, pipette (color reading) are in order to work.
  • Cls (Clear Screen), Scroll (screen on 1 line with carry line or not)
  • DoMask (Made automatically a sprite mask of complete screen)
  • Copy (Copy of a screen to another within the 100 screens, color palette is copied too and can be different to each screen)
  • Loading & Saving color palettes (16) both, in dedicated file (*.PAL) or directly from picture file (*.PI1)
  • Adding the direct access in the 100 screens (ex: direct jump to picture n°78)
  • Bloc copy/moving on screen with logical mask (on 2009-10-20)
  • All commands/ texts are now in english for more coherence, FR translation will be achived further by a language click