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02 - I'm a Cyborg!

posted Jun 4, 2013, 8:33 PM by Troy Cheek   [ updated Jun 4, 2013, 8:34 PM ]

The "C" Word 02 - I'm a Cyborg!

Since I have bad veins, as I've mentioned elsewhere, the doctors offered me a port.  This is a device inserted under the skin of my chest with a tiny tube that runs into a major vein that leads directly to my heart.  With this easy access, I can have lab samples drawn, have chemotherapy administered, and hopefully return to work soon.

I started the first run of chemotherapy Monday of this week.  I had to spend about 4 hours in a chair at the office getting the prep stuff and the first chemo drug.  Once that was done, I was attached to a take-home pump for the second drug.  There's a third drug, but as it can interfere with healing, we're holding off on it until the port incisions have healed a little better.

At least one of the drugs I'm getting is not compatible with saline, so it's instead mixed with sugar water.  At least one of the drugs I'm getting requires steroids.  This means that my blood sugar has been very hard to control lately.  Between that and the drugs themselves, I've been very dehydrated and am having to drink water constantly.  That isn't easy, as one of the side effects of the chemo is sensitivity to cold.  It doesn't bother me to touch cold things or be in a cold room, but drinking cold water is like swallowing a battery.  I can actually feel the water getting warmer as it goes down my throat because it doesn't hurt as much.  So I've been drinking lots of room temperature water.  Every try to order room temperature water at a restaurant?

I get to go in tomorrow and have the take-home pump removed.  Then I'll get a break from the chemo for a week before the next round.  In between, I'll see the surgeon again and hopefully get cleared to return to work.

Thanks for all the prayers and happy thoughts!